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Plastic Pollution In Ocean - Underwater Shine With garbage Floating On Sea - Environmental


It is estimated that there are approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. This is equivalent to about 269,000 tons of plastic. However, these figures are likely to be even higher now. The majority of this consists of microplastics, tiny particles less than five millimeters in size, which are not just difficult to clean up but are also easily ingested by marine life, creating a complex and critical environmental problem. Plastic pollution in the ocean is a growing issue, due to both the continued use of single-use plastics and improper waste disposal methods. This pervasive pollution affects not just marine creatures, but also the health of the entire planet, influencing everything from global economies to climate change, and human health.

Meet OceanSoulTides

OceanSoulTides established in 2023 is dedicated to helping improve access to environmentally conscious products and to help fund initiatives to clean up the oceans of plastics and other pollutions that are endangering the sea turtles. 

With an easy one stop shop for fully vetted products the consumer can shop knowing that they are getting healthy products for themselves, their family, and the environment. 

Also, a portion of all proceeds will go to help fund those initiatives that are focusing on cleaning up the oceans and beaches along with providing education on the impact our trash is having. 

You can see the difference between a jelly fish and a plastic bag floating around under th
Under water sea turtle. Diving scene of turtle undersea.jpg
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